Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Condi! Condi! Condi!

Condoleezza Rice's speech was outstanding!

She has given the most unabashedly and intellectually solid patriotic speech I have heard in a long time.

I take back everything negative I ever said about her. I grovel in apology.


  1. I have always been high on Condi. She makes it all look easy, from playing the piano to speaking Russian fluently to her work as National Security Adviser to running the Department of State.

  2. "I take back everything negative I ever said about her. I grovel in apology."

    I get so depressed every time I see someone forget that words are cheap. It is actions that matter. You can laud her speech, fine. But don't think for a second that you can trust any politician at her word.

  3. I'm really surprised to read that coming from you of all people Diplomad.

    Would really appreciate a post on that if you haven't done one already.
    My (mistaken?) impression was that Condi was unable to deal with the entrenched state department lefties, and that she didn't push as hard as she could/should have when compared to someone like John Bolton.
    Maybe she didn't push harder because President Bush didn't want her to?

    p.s. Do you have archives of Diplomad 1.0?

    1. Yes, you're right . . . I still can't forgive Condi for not cleaning out the Department.

    2. Condi was bad news. she even votes for bama. because he is black.

      she is a fake conservative who knows what to say to her target audience. why do you think she would clean out the department when they are her choice anyhow?

      she does not believe the constitution was applicable to people like her people. her words!

  4. She is the consumate foreign policy specialist. She also came across as a big government Republican but that's of little harm at State.

    Still, I would also prefer Bolton as Sec State. Until the Ryan choice, I doubted Romney's will to be conservative but there's now some hope.

    Who else would be a good choice in that spot and as National Security Advisor?

  5. DiploMad and others, as another former FSO, although with nowhere near the length of service and usefulness as our blog host, I see a housecleaning of State as a task that will probably leave the State Department gutted and useless for a generation.

    Face it, most interest in international affairs in the USA is located on the Left; and, I regret to say, among what some have called the "pilgrim Left" that is forever seeking the Marxist Shangri-La where Lenin's or Mao's or Guevara's prescroptions really work.

    My hope for my former shop is that while many of its inhabitants are wrong-headed, they aren't stupid, and are able to see things after a while. I saw so many who dealt with China waking up to see it as the last, best hope of 20th century totalitarianism and a Chinese populace that wasn't exactly William Hinton's 1930's vintage Long Bow villagers. As I write, I'll bet that there are at least a dozen strategically placed erstwhile enthusiasts of Obama's support for the "Arab Spring" who now take an utterly jaundiced view towards it.

  6. One other thing: it doesn't help that Canadian and European Affairs is the Queen of State's regional bureaus. For a long time, it was where the most upwardly mobile FSO in the Department's up-or-out system could be found, and tended to be populated by social democrat wannabes with bad cases of clientitis.

    I suspect it would be far better for a few chastened Far East and Middle East hands to be moved into more powerful positions.