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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Shocking Revelations" About Bin Laden's Death . . .

Well, there's a book out by a Navy SEAL on the op that killed UBL.  I am reluctant to buy these types of book, but will probably bite on this one.  I see that the press is already panting that the account disputes "the" official account of his death. Look, this blog has been highly critical of the Obama's misadministration's handling of the post-raid press and spin (here, for example). But to start parsing and feuding over whether UBL was shot in the doorway or in his bedroom, and that some SEAL had to use UBL's cadaver as a seat on a crowded helicopter is just silly. I can hear the Islamists and the looney left getting spun up over the "disrespect" shown UBL's body. I am sure they showed him more respect than he did the thousands of unarmed civilians he murdered on September 11, 2001.

Stop. This is the sort of press obsession that gets distorted overseas and can get people killed.

The Obama misadministration totally blew its handling of the post-Abbottabad raid spin. Obamistas just couldn't shut up, and stop giving away as many "details" as possible. Now, we have a SEAL joining in and providing what might be the most accurate account of the raid. But it is all unnecessary.

The message should just be, you kill our citizens and we will track you down as long as it takes and capture or kill you. No escape. Period.


  1. My points all along. All Obama had to say was, "this morning, US military completed a mission that began on September 11, 2001. This mission has been supported by a large number of people Americans and allies, military and civilian. To those people we offer our heartfelt thanks. Let this serve as notice to all those who would do us harm, we will pursue you relentlessly until the end."

    1. Your suggested text does not once use the first-person singular pronoun, and is thus impossible for Barry to utter.

  2. It is fiendishly ironic Teh Won's administration stands as the perfect proof of Abe Lincoln's old saw, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

  3. Not just the thousands on September 11th, how about Daniel Pearl? Lots of respect there.
    Would we have shown respect for, say, a Nazi General or Oberfeldmarschal, or Reichsminister or Fuehrer in the same sort of attack? That our putative fellow citizens are forever worried about showing respect for those who would kill us without mercy and give us less consideration than they would the death of a goat, shows our putative fellow citizens are in fact worse than fellow travelers.

  4. Well, serving as a seat for a tired GI was about the most useful thing Osama Bin Laden ever did.

  5. seriously ....do you really think bin laden was alive this past decade?

    think about it.

    white house story changed with every telling ..(and not just small detailes, the whole story changed)

    ...no body.

    ...no videos of bin laden for more then a decade. he was at least as big a narcissist as the bama.

    ... recent emails show different time line to events then the white house story.

    ... the helicopter remnants look fake.

    .....seal team six has been deep six'd.

    ....white house photo of the day was photo-shopped.

    ....the bama needed a distraction as the fake birth certificate was garnering attention.

    ...John McCain is satisfied it was bin laden. what more proof do you need!!

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