Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The GOP Convention: So Far, So Good

Hurricane Isaac did not manage to annihilate the GOP convention, much to the apparent disgust of some elegant, well-educated, and tolerant liberals.

I thought Mia Love was an amazing revelation, and I very much hope she wins her race in Utah. I was struck by how many of those on podium, e.g., Love, Ann Romney, Ted Cruz, Nikki Haley, Rick Santorum, are the children of recent immigrants. So much for the mainstream media/Dem narrative about Republicans being anti-immigrant and being the party of the Mayflower. I was also struck by how many terrific women politicians the GOP boasts having--another fail for the narrative about "war on women." In addition, the GOP women have a sense of humor, grace, and  modesty lacking in the hard-edged, humorless, egomaniacal, and almost robotic women politicians on the Democratic side, e.g., Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Nancy Pelosi.

On the two main speeches.  I think Ann Romney knocked the ball out of the park. She had a very tough job to do, to wit, refute the developing storyline about her and the Governor as bloodless, soulless rich royals with no understanding of the common guy and gal. She came across as sympathetic, smart, hard-working, human, and as a person who has endured considerable personal struggle--multiple sclerosis and cancer-- with grace, humor, and faith. She did it without veering into self-pity or becoming cliche-riden and maudlin.  She is a very good speaker, and likely would have been a formidable politician in her own right.   There is a lot of material in that speech which can used in ads over the next two months.

Chris Christie, also the descendent of immigrants as he proudly noted, did an unusual thing for a politician, especially for one with his reputation as a street-fighting man. He made an excellent philosophical speech. He was by turns brash, funny, touching, and above all truthful. He is a terrific speaker; I had never heard him deliver a complete set speech before, and was very impressed.  He underlined that this campaign is about big issues, and he stressed that the GOP is on the side of the little guy. His line  "They believe in teachers' unions. We believe in teachers,"could easily be a slogan for the campaign. He stressed that the campaign is about conflicting views of the nature and future of America. His speech was perfectly in line with Romney's selection of Ryan as a running mate:  this is a campaign about fundamental issues. How often does that happen? Politicians who do not pander and do run on important issues. Amazing.

The humor, the optimism about the future, the view of America as a special country. The Dems have their work cut out for them. Let's see if Sandra Fluke, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al, can match that. Right . . . .


  1. Those were some great speeches last night. I was especially appreciative of Gov. Christie calling out the Democrats for what the really are: a party that puts their short-term electoral interests ahead of the good of the nation.

  2. Oh Bosh. If Romney wins will he follow through on his promises? What are his promises? You many quantify if you wish.

    This is what everyone wants to know.

  3. Just have to keep in mind...A Romney win will be pointless without turning over the Senate. The House will continue to pass Legislation and Romney will ask for things on his agenda...but Harry Reid will continue to stop all Legislation dead on arrival.
    And I just don't see Romney violating the Constitution by deciding to act via Executive Order bypassing Congress.

  4. I too enjoyed Mia Love's speech very much, and Artur Davis' as well. The unfortunate thing is that anyone watching on any of the MSM networks like NBC, MSNBC SeeBS, etc. didn't see her speak because the esteemed members of our Fourth Estate (or is it Fifth Column? I can never remember)cut away to their own talking heads any time a minority stepped up to the podium to speak, and a there were lots of minorities present both as speakers and in the audience. That doesn't fit the narrative, so it can't be seen.

  5. DiploMad, you're behind the times. Someone may have two X chromosones, be a loving wife and mother in both the biological and nurturing senses, as well as drop-dead gorgeous inside and out, but in the current Democratic playbook, she's not a "woman" unless she's a screaming, man-hating feminist with at least one abortion and at least two lesbian affairs.