Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Wikileaks' Assange and Ecuador's Correa: Made for Each Other

Creepy Julian "WikiLeaks" Assange has been granted asylum by the more than slightly mad President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa.  They deserve each other as they both serve as classic representatives of the narcissistic leftism of the modern age. Both claim to be heroes of humanity. They, of course, are both frauds.

Assange's Wikileaks operation it seems benefitted from equally as creepy US Army Private Bradley Manning, who, it seems, was full of some sort of rage at the "don't ask, don't tell" policy of the Army.  In a stunning lapse of security -- almost as bad as the White House's handling of classified information -- this resentful Private apparently managed to download thousands of classified cables, many if not most of them State Department messages (including quite a few that I wrote), and zap them over to Assange's operation. Most of the messages are harmless and probably over classified. Many, however, were not, and their publication revealed sources of information as well as confidential discussions and deliberations. If guilty, Manning deserves a good thirty or so years in the slammer; if it can be shown that people died because of his alleged actions, then he should be shot or hanged. Period. End of story.

Assange has been hanging out in the UK but ran afoul of the law: a couple of his erstwhile fans and co-workers in Sweden have accused him of sexual impropriety, including rape. The Swedes want to talk to him about this; the British courts said he must go to Sweden; Assange cried foul, saying it was all an American plot to have him shipped to the US and executed. While out on bail, Assange dashed into the Ecuadorian embassy in London and requested asylum. After two months, Correa has granted it to him, knowing that there will be no reaction of consequence from the Obama misadministration.

Correa is another resentful little man who hates America, admires Castro, and desperately wants to inherit Hugo Chavez's crown as the king of the Latin leftists. In true leftist fashion, Correa hates freedom of speech and press; has persecuted his own media nearly into oblivion; rigged the Constitution to give him almost unlimited power;  driven Ecuador's economy into the ground; and left the country open to drug traffickers, terrorists, and Iranian operatives.

I doubt Assange will ever make it to Ecuador. In a way that's too bad. He would lead a lonely, miserable life. The Ecuadorians soon would tire of him and of what we could expect to be his ceaseless demands for protection from the Americans and special status. Assange soon would also find that his views on "open" information are not widely shared within the Correa clique, especially not by the increasingly authoritarian Correa, himself.  Were Assange to try any Wikileaks nonsense with Ecuadorian government info, he would soon wish he were facing the "fascist" justice system of either Britain or Sweden.


  1. It would be fantastic if the Brits were somehow able to maneuver Correa into removing Assange from their embassy in London and paying for and having the idiot flown to Ecuador in a special consular flight for actual in-country "asylum". Sort of a dream come true. Insanity being paid for and protected by inept madness. What's not to love?

  2. Sadly, the description of Correa sounds familiar... much of the same language could be used to describe Obama.

  3. Ah, you are so right Diplo. Mr. Assange may find playing the celeb anti-hero a tad difficult with the likes of Correa. They "really" do persecute you!

  4. IF information is meant to be free, as Mr. Assange claims, why hasn't he found Obama's college transcripts and admission records and released them to the public?

  5. I understand that the names of Afghans and Pakistanis who helped the US find Osama Bin Laden were leaked out, and that some such people got killed as a result. Julian Assange got his blood for fifteen minutes of fame.

    It's OT, but what do you think of State spending US$450,000,000 for a seminar teaching mullahs that women's rights are really compatible with Islam? I'd like to know your take.

  6. And the funny thing is that I don't see that officially America gives a rip for Julian Assange. There doesn't seem to be any push on to officially extadite him or charge him with something (anything!) and yet he and his lawyers and partisans are moaning non-stop about how eeeeeevilll AmeriKKKa is out to get him.
    In the face of massive indifference, he is a legend in his own mind.

  7. Treason is apparently not a serious crime. But let some woman accuse a man of sexual misconduct ...