Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Biden in Context

Well, well, well . . . VP Joe has been sent out to be the attack Chihuahua, again. . .

Look, things are not fair. Ryan is young, athletic, smart, knowledgable, and has a full head of hair, and Joe, well, he . . . . Anyhow, the debate between Ryan and Biden just won't be fair. No, it's not right. In keeping with our Dear Leader's vision of the United States as the land of equal outcomes, I propose that Republicans make a special effort to help out ol' Joe as "he's been moving kinda slow . . . "

It is only fair that the Diplomad go first in this effort. A suggested spin for the DNC.

"By now we all have heard the Vice President's speech in Virginia in which he mentioned that the GOP sought to put black people 'back in chains.' We note the mock outrage from the Republicans on this comment, and roundly deny that the Vice President was implying that the Republicans would put black people in some sort of physical, metal 'chains.' The statement must be understood in its full context. The Vice President meant, and the GOP knows this, that were the GOP to win the November election, everybody would have to go shopping in 'chain stores' and eat in 'chain restaurants.'"

Just a thought . . . .


  1. I'm glad your back. I only wish I had known you had started blogging again sooner.

    And now, for something I think may amuse you, a comparison of Romney, Ryan, Obama And Biden to historical figures. :)

    Work safe, but possibly not monitor or keyboard safe. (Swallow and put the coffee down)

  2. There was a day when the MSM did a reasonable, although not perfect job of restraining politicians from blatant lies and questionable claims. Today, the Obama operation is given free rein to say whatever damaging bullshit they can dream up, without having to be accountable. This provides them with a significant advantage as they only have to convince a handful of nitwits with each lie for it to work. The opposition cannot win the election, running around trying to set the record straight, which is exactly what the lefties want them to do. Instead, they have to stick to the economy, hammer the bastards with their catastrophic failures and be equally mean, but with facts and reality. Good God, there is plenty of ammunition with which to utilize.

    I only pray that the American public is smart enough to see the difference between fact and fiction. If they're not smart enough, perhaps their wallets are.

  3. So this morning, NPR reports this as Romney attacking Biden for saying that Romney wants to "unchain Wall Street." Biden's racially offensive slander and his geographic shortcomings simply go down the Memory Hole.

  4. Sir, I believe you will be extremely interested in this, and I look forward to your comments:

    Dishonorable Disclosures [22 min.]

  5. SallyVee, that's a very unusual website to which you refer. Isn't there laws which should be applied to those that leak sensitive secrets? What would this organization do to provide additional disincentive? Also, when I looked at the outfit's mission statement, the second paragraph is an incomplete sentence that makes no sense. Hardly a presentation that would promote financial contribution, in my opinion.

  6. @ SallyVee. I have the same anticipation - Diplomad's response to dd and the blowhard blabbermouth culture now in existence at the WH.

  7. You mean that people will have jobs to earn money so that they can actually shop in 'chain' stores and eat in 'chain' restaurants? Wow R&R have my vote!!