Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ryan Speaks

Ryan gave a great speech and indictment of the Obama administration and its philosophy. I loved the line about the Obama administration being akin to a ship trying to sail on "yesterday's wind." He's got the tone exactly right. Regard the Obamistas as yesterday's fad.

Ryan is clearly a rising star and Romney deserves a lot of credit for picking somebody as energetic, intelligent, and articulate as Ryan. It shows that Romney does not fear smart people and does not fear their shadow. He can hold his own. Contrast the Ryan pick with the Biden pick and you will see what I mean about what it says about the Presidential candidate.

The Dems are apoplectic. They are trying to pick at little things in Ryan's speech in keeping with their little-minded campaign. The lefty blogosphere is full of nonsense about the Janesville GM plant. The Huffington Post ran a breathless piece  claiming to have fact-chekced him on the GM plant. As typical they have it all wrong. Ryan never blamed Obama for closing the plant; he said candidate Obama went in February 2008, to the Janesville plant, a hundred year old factory slated to be closed by 2010, and told the workers that with government partnership the plant could stay open another hundred years.  The plant "temporarily" shut its door in April 2009 when the last truck rolled off the assembly line. The Dems are going around saying the plant closed in December 2008. Even Wikipedia has it right, noting that the plant closed in April 2009.

The Dems and their supporters, of course, miss the main point.  Obama clearly implied to the workers at the plant that with government support the plant would remain open for another hundred years. The Obama misadministration now owns GM. Why is the plant still shuttered? Obama has had over three years to make good on his promise to the workers in Janesville.

There might well be good market reasons for the plant to be closed. Did consumers buy its products? Do the liberals and Obamistas drive GM cars? Judging from what I see on parking lots of liberal college campuses, and in the driveways of the liberal neighborhoods in California, Maryland, and Massachusetts, the answer is no. They seem to like cars made overseas or in non-UAW plants in the US. In other words, they don't want their personal money going to GM, but want our public money to go there. The Obama bailout was designed to defy the market and to pay off the UAW leadership and protect them from their follies.

So, folks, keep asking, why is the plant still closed? Ask people who favor the bail-out what car they drive . . .

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  1. Gotta love the way the Left is also trying to use the "one heart beat away from the presidency" argument in asking if Ryan is too young or not seasoned enough for the job should it befall him.
    Of course you hear zero commentators asking about Biden being in that very same position.