Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Media: They Just Can't help Themselves . . .

Tea Party backed Rafael "Ted" Cruz has won a surprisingly large victory in the Texas GOP Senatorial primary, beating his rival by some 13 points.  He is a smart, tough, conservative Hispanic who will win the Senate race next November quite easily.  So what does the Los Angeles Times write about? That Cruz might not be eligible for President in 2016!

Whoa! He hasn't even been elected to the Senate and already he is ineligible to run for President!

The LAT piece claims that since Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada while his father, a Cuban refugee, worked in the oil business, he is not a "naturally born citizen," even if his mother was a US citizen--which she was. Amazing the stuff they will come up with to try to destroy a rising GOP star. The liberals have to destroy women and minority conservatives above all others; not to do so would give the lie to their narrative that the GOP is the party of rich white guys. Look at the hatred directed at Palin, Bachmann, West, Rice, Cain, Rubio, and now Cruz.

On top of everything else, the LAT forgets the real reason Cruz will not be the GOP candidate in 2016: President Romney will be running for his second term.


  1. A victory that tastes like, yes chicken!

  2. Great post, Dip. Your usual excellent analysis!

  3. If this is true then our present President is ineligible.

    1. And that is just how easily one can debunk the twaddle coming from the MSM... Thanks!

  4. All Cruz has to do now is eat at Chick-A-Fil-A and watch leftist heads explode by the tens of thousands.

  5. This preemptive neutralization attempt on Cruz is bizarre. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. Have a little pity. Somebody at LAT had to come up with some type of negative spin on Cruz or they would have lost their All-Obama house organ franchise. With their diminishing circulation and sliding ad revenue that extra under the table stimuli is likely the only thing keeping them afloat.

  7. Actually Cruz served Chick-A-Fil-A at his victory party....

  8. Yet the MSM was dead silent on this issue when Maddie Not-so-Bright was SecState; Born in Czechoslovakia (not eligable to be POTUS) yet put in the number 4 spot of succession.