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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beware of the "Al Qaeda Did It" Gambit

The Western apologizers for the insanity we see in the Muslim world always have an explanation. It is their poverty. It is our wealth. It is a history of colonial oppression. It is our support for their dictators. It is the Crusades. It is Israeli intransigence, i.e, if only those Jews would just go away. It is our insensitivity to their culture when we go there. It is our insensitivity to their culture when they come here. It is, it is, it is . . . it is everything except what IT really IS, to wit, that world's adherence to a primitive, totalitarian, brutal ideology that preaches hate, conquest, death, and rejection of rational thought. It holds dear a belief structure that glorifies violence, considers women and infidels trash, demands obedience, and provides death to apostates and subjugation to all those who fail to join the club.  It is an ideology which practices what it preaches. Words count.

In the last few days we have seen our pretend President, his Toy Town Secretary of State, and his Silly-Beyond-Belief White House spokesman tell us that all the hatred, death, and destruction we have seen play out on our TV sets are due to a 14-minute video clip which this misadministration has judged "to be disgusting." Whew! Thank Allah we have Roger Ebert deciding our foreign policy! Imagine if the video clip had gotten a "thumbs up." Then the Obama misadministration would be really, really angry with the rioters and the murderers! But since the video is "disgusting" then, well, we can understand what is happening . . . oh, and thank Allah, too, that LA County has NO crime at all, so it can afford to send a platoon of Deputies to haul away the poor miscreant who made this "disgusting" film . . . Wow! Hollywood has gotten really, really serious about wanting only quality films on the screen. I'll bet there are some schlock Hollywood producers, actors, and directors just shaking in their boots right now . . . they know they'll be next. Never mind the old HUAC blacklist, the liberals have got the LA County Sheriff at their beck and call! Run, Snooki, run! Not even the ACLU will save you!

As the "video-is-to-blame" argument begins to wear thin, with even the echo chamber media getting uneasy repeating it, we will see the rise of a new "explanation" for the violence: Al Qaeda. Yes, the same Al Qaeda that President Obama repeatedly has assured us that he and his mighty Thor-like bolts from the sky have destroyed. Our President, after all, took full personal credit for the death of AQ's decrepit leader, even turning it into a re-election bumper sticker, and a phrase for his airhead Veep and brain dead followers to repeat ad nauseam, "Bin Laden dead! GM alive!" Well, it now seems, just like Trotsky in Stalin's regime or Goldstein in 1984, the old enemy just keeps on kicking. The "destroyed" Al Qaeda will suddenly reemerge as a mighty international coordinator and executor of vast terrorist plots. It is AQ which is doing all this! The poor people of Libya, Egypt, Yemen, in the words of our sage Secretary of State "did not trade the tyranny of a dictator for the tyranny of a mob." Oh, really? You know that for sure? Of course you do because of all this was done by a filmmaker, er, no, by Al Qaeda! Yes, Al Qaeda did it all. AQ did it over the strenuous objections of millions upon millions of otherwise peaceful Muslims who love the USA, well, at least love Obama because in the words of the equally sage White House spokesman, the violence is directed "not to, obviously, the administration."  Perish the thought! It is now all Al Qaeda, all the time!

New Obama narrative fail.

I hate Al Qaeda: I want them all dead, but I certainly don't see them as the all-powerful puppet masters of the Muslim world. No. They might have provided the planning and triggermen for the Benghazi assault, and those creeps deserve to die. The problem we face, however, is not the result of Al Qaeda, a grainy video, the Battle of Lepanto, the loss of Cordoba, or the Israeli flag over Jerusalem. The problem is Islam. The evil Al Qaeda is not some alien graft onto the Islamic body. It is part and parcel of the way Islam is preached and practiced. I am a broken record on this, but until Islam reforms and recasts itself, until it gets tired of defeat after defeat at the hands of the West, the attacks on the West will continue. We in the West had better learn that; I thought we had on September 11, 2001, but it seems not, so we now have September 11, 2012, to mourn even more of our dead.


  1. I would have written "islamofascism" instead of "islam" , but...

    Your main point I totally agree with. Thinking al-Qaeda is the whole problem (when it's just one very visible exponent of it) is just as childish as thinking that the US will be hunky-dory once we get rid of the Narcissist-In-Chief. 0bama is just a proxy for the real problem: the overcredentialed yet uneducated gentry (that miscalls itself an elite) running the country into the ground in pursuit of chimerical visions of "social justice" and/or for its short-term benefit and aggrandizement

  2. Islam, born of the sword, spread by the sword, and (to this day) enforced by the sword. "It is an ideology which practices what it preaches." Indeed!

  3. This is a great post, thank you. I wish this were discussed at large in the media but political correctness will not allow that to happen.

    I also find agreement with New Class Traitor. Obama is certainly a huge problem but then so is the impetent republican leadership which whines on and on about Obama's constitutional transgressions without ever doing anything about it.

    I compare the spread of Islam to a time past. Nazi Germany and Japan sought to overrun and eliminate nations and entire peoples who they deemed inferior. In todays polite US society we would never fire-bombed Germany or used atomic weapons on Japan. Too much concern for the young, women and innocents would not allow decisive action to be taken. Out of remorse for having taken the drastic action that ended WWII, we set out on an experiment toward world government - the United Nations. Just what the world needed, an even larger den of thieves posing a do gooders.

    I wonder if there exists in the US a strong enough will for self preservation. Perhaps the hope of the world rests in Israel. If Israel strikes down the threats from Iran with overwhelming effectiveness - perhaps the Islamic people at large will set out on a course similar to that taken by Germany and Japan after WWII.

  4. Specificly the story is the Omar Abdul Rahman Brigade did it. The clowns named after that blind sheik we have imprisoned for trying to blow up the world trade center the first time. Just about the first thing Mohamed Morsi did was publicly call for us to release this $&@%*. Then in a freudian slip Obama states Egypt is not an ally, at before he muddled his comments with a clarification.

    I agree with you that it isn't the spark that caused the inferno, but rather all the fuel laying around. However, there may be something here worth paying attention too.

  5. The problem that we have with Islam is the same problem that we have here in the US.

    The academics.

    1. Yes, I am writing something about the academics and how they have tribalized America.

  6. Found you via Belmont Club.

    Great commentary- thank you for your service, and your courage in posting with insider insight now.

    I'd like to think the MSM might someday come to their senses, but they apppear to be fulfilling the Ministry of Propaganda role even better than before. Doubling down I guess.