Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fakes, Flakes, and Fluke: Today's Democratic Party

The more I recall the just-concluded DNC, the sadder I get. The Democratic Party was once one of the world's great political parties. It has a long, long history of accomplishments and failures; great men and total knaves; but always and throughout it all of playing a major role in the history of America and the world.  Like them or not, Presidents such as Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and Harry Truman were great men with great ideas, and great goals.  Politicians such as Scoop Jackson, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan were deep thinkers and patriots. Today's Democratic Party, as revealed by the performance at the Charlotte DNC, would provide no end of shame to those men.

At the DNC we saw a steady procession of some of the dopiest people on the national scene.  I keep thinking about the truly idiotic Hollywood clowns that were paraded: the GOP's Clint Eastwood stands heads and shoulders above them all.

The DNC's Hollywood collection was a gathering of the stupidest of the stupid.

Eva Longoria? Who? Here we have a silly "actress," a highly mediocre one at that, who has no brains worth mentioning. She was recently in a movie "Greater Glory," which is about the 1920s uprising in Mexico against that government's efforts to impose atheism, and in interviews about the film made it clear she knew nothing about the struggle and compared it to "Occupy Wall Street." She is an idiot as further demonstrated by her speech at the DNC in which she said that the "Eva Longoria who worked flipping burgers at Wendy's needed a tax break, but the Eva Longoria who works on movie sets does not."  Wow! Ain't she generous? First of all, the gal working at Wendy's does not pay federal income tax; the lady working on movie sets is getting tax subsidies from many states and countries to encourage movie production and to compensate the studios for the high salaries they pay people such as Eva Longoria. She can always give more to the government any time she wants without forcing some small business owner to pay more taxes and thus be able to employ fewer burger flippers. By the way, what kind of car does she drive? Does she drive a Chrysler or a GM product? You know the kind of cars made with taxpayer bailout money and by American workers, including Hispanics? Nope. She drives foreign luxury cars.

Likewise with the other dope, Scarlett Johansen. She came on as a "representative" of young women who need public assistance. Really? Who picked her for that role? Maybe if she made more of her movies in this country fewer women would need public assistance.

I better stop. I am making myself sick . . . . and then there was Sandra Fluke . . .


  1. D:

    So sorry not to hear your commentary on Sandra Fluke. Or better yet, Governor Granholm! Or how about your take on Joe Biden's presentation to the crowds imprisoned in Charlotte? Have you ever seen him look so clean? Methinks he was remembering his own words about Obama being a clean African-American who speaks well. . .

    Please, don't spare us your commentary. It's a target-rich environment. I know, so much low-hanging fruit; so little time. . .

    1. I'll get around to Fluke, but I need some rest first . . . .

    2. It's no fluke that this Ms. Flukes' last name is shared with parasitic invertebrate flatworms that oftentimes procreate in the human body after the ingestion of undercooked fish.

      Having no means of disposing waste, most Flukes are simply a sack with a mouth.

  2. You can say they are adulterers, drug users, drunks, liars, and theives, all that means is you have read their autobiographies.

    1. And this represents nearly half of the American electorate. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown...

  3. The DNC has become so adept at identity politics; breaking people up into minority groups then pandering to that group; that they have now placed themselves in some impossible situations.
    They need the Jewish vote to win Florida, so Jeruselum as the Capital of Israel becomes a significant point...except they also need the Arab/Muslim vote to win Michigan, who were quite vocal in NOT wanting that language in the platform. They pander to Hispanics based on nothing but the Immigration issue, then deny God in front of those VERY Catholic Hispanics.

    It remains to be seen if this Divide and Conquer strategy will work in the Political arena or if the DNC has finally gone too far in this arena.

    1. Agreed. Good post.

      I'm not confident this house of cards will collapse any time soon.
      Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    2. Thank you both kindly, and I know what you mean by how long it will take to collapse. Alot of that depending on how long it takes the various constituent groups to realize they are being played by an elite group that really has no care for them, but only in maintaining their base of power.