Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

God, Jerusalem, and the DNC: A Sorry but Illuminating Spectacle

I see that the DNC, reluctantly, and via the usual Democratic Party mechanism of vote fraud has invited God back into the Party, and deigned to "allow" Israel to name its own capital, Jerusalem.

The Dems blew it big time--ignore the MSNBC spin--when some ideologue managed to gut the last mention of God left in the platform and to remove recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.  When conservatives began to bring up these "oddities," the Obama surrogates went ballistic, either denying knowledge, ridiculing the concern over the omissions (e.g., the MSNBC crowd)  or trying to somehow blame it on the Republicans and Fox. It was absurd, but it is in these "gaffes" that one sees the true nature of today's Democratic Party. Just as Obama's "gaffe" that "you didn't build it" revealed his real feelings about America's entrepreneurs and capitalists, the "gaffes" that removed God and Jerusalem reveal the true nature of the Democratic Party.

Then, suddenly, Obama, who had previously been fine with the lack of God and Jerusalem, had an "evolution" in his thinking as the criticism mounted. He threw his struggling surrogates under the bus, and ordered the party to reverse course; to cease being honest; to go back to pretending that it was not opposed to God in American life, or to Israel's right to name its own capital. The hapless sweating Mayor Villaraigosa was placed in charge of ramming this change through via a floor amendment with millions of TV viewers watching. And watching him on TV was a joy!  He called for an oral vote, and was clearly shocked when the amendment obviously did not have the required two-thirds; he had been let down by the Party whips on the floor. He called a second vote. Again, it was clear the "ayes" could not prevail; the parliamentarian behind him--clearly audible over the open mike-- told him to make a ruling and let "them" do whatever they want; he still couldn't bring himself to issue a ruling, and called a third vote. Still the issue was in doubt but he summoned whatever courage he had and nervously ruled that the "ayes" had it by two-thirds. Wonderful! Classic Democratic vote fraud broadcast on national television for all to see.

The TV images of delegates angry over the invitation to God to return, and the reasserting of Jerusalem as Israel's capital were priceless and should provide endless fodder for GOP ads.  That was the real Democratic Party in action: a blend of leftist anti-American ideologues and vote fraudsters.


  1. Rather than just ignore the issue and allow the MSM to let it go away they pulled this stunt on live TV. How fast will a commercial of Democrats booing God show up in the Bible-belt?
    What would truly be demoralizing is if the Republicans somehow snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and Obama wins.

    1. Unfortunately, while it will be with no help from me, I fear Obama has it sewn up. He needs to eat one of his daughters on prime-time TV to lose.

  2. It is worse than your narrative implies. The actual vote fraud was proven. See this link:

  3. No matter how talented, a novelist could not make this stuff up. Priceless!

  4. As someone who isn't a USA citizen why does Israel matter so much in USA politics? Also why is it important to have "GOD" in the centre of everything, wasn't the whole point when the country was set up to avoid all the Euro baggage, eg kings and religious issus?

    1. I suppose, Anonymous, that Israel is important in US politics for several reasons:

      1. The USA has the world's largest Jewish population.

      2. Many American Christians believe that the re-establishment of a Jewish polity in its historical homeland shows that the return of Christ is coming nearer (although a practicing Christian of the Calvinist variety, I'm not so sure I buy the way it's touted these days)

      3. Israel is about the only working democracy in the Middle East.

      4. Since 9/11, too many of us have learned more than we really wanted to know about Islam, and have come to see Israel's fight as that of anyone else who doesn't want to live under Sharia.

      5. As for religious issues, American Protestant Christianity has always been the common man's religion rather than something imposed from above by the Cuius Regio, Eiius Religio principle. Even the Puritan establishment of 17th century New England was supported by a system that gave the believing laity a say in who led them. Hence, the ranklings of the German Karl Marx about the evils of religion hit a deaf ear in us--or, if we heard, it provoked our hostility.

      6.As for our being set up to avoid the "Euro baggage", again, many of us were of dissenting religious sects back in Europe, not members of the "hate God" crowd.

      7. And, if you're going to worship a God, he has to be a LOT Bigger than the dialectic, historical necessity, the Cosmos, "humanity", "mother nature", and other little gods that our liberated moderns have wanted to replace him with.

      Moderns, with great consternation,
      Hate Calvin's predestination.
      For economics, we know,
      Or our genes run the show
      Of our lives. This we call "liberation."

      I suspect that our blog host sense that the Democratic Party on the one hand wants to embrace the Marxist understanding of "Progress", while on the other, it doesn't want to alienate a lot of the electorate.

  5. Vote fraud, yes. But this is also a sterling example of the left's determination to make people keep voting until they get it right. Whether it is by direct means (e.g., forcing the Irish people to revote on the EU's Treaty of Lisbon) or by indirect means (e.g., keep recounting ballots), the left will stop at nothing to pervert the voting system to impose their will on the people. The DNC vote on God and Jerusalem is unique in that it took place in full view of the people, without the traditional empty promises (e.g., the Irish people would not be compelled to change their views on abortion) or the slightest fiction (e.g., the serial finding of "lost" ballots) to make the brazen exercise of tyranny easier to accept.