Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Do We Want the Truth from our Politicians?

You all have heard about the edited "secret" tape being released in which Romney tells donors some months ago that the core of Obama's base is the 47% of Americans who do not pay taxes and who get some sort of federal assistance. I am sure this was a typical Chicago-way operation by the Obama campaign. They recorded the tape, saved it, edited it, and released it just as it became clear that it was no longer possible to hide how bad things have gotten for our country under Obama. The economy is imploding, the middle east is exploding, and all the lies by Susan Rice and Jim Carney can no longer hide the elephant in the room. They now rely on the tame media to spend three or four days going on and on about the "secret" tape and how this means that the Romney campaign is over.

I am sure we will see the obligatory polls which will show disaster for Romney, and those will become the lede on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and others. Our embassies will be burning, our soldiers getting murdered by our Afghan "allies," the unemployment rate will be remaining above 8%, fuel and food prices will be rising, the deficit will be growing by leaps and bounds, and we will be discussing the horror of a tape in which Romney tells the truth.

The truth? Well, it's very simple:

If you believe in government, and think government programs are the solution to all your problems in life, then you are an Obama supporter. If you think the government should have programs to help poor people stay poor, then you are an Obama supporter. If you have no understanding of how wealth is produced and from where the government gets "its" money, then you are an Obama supporter. In other words, if you want and believe in "free" stuff then you are an Obama supporter.

If you believe in yourself then you are a Romney supporter. If you believe in giving people a hand when they are down on their luck so that they can move on, then you are a Romney supporter. If you know how wealth is produced, and that the government consumes it and does not produce it, then you are a Romney supporter. If you understand that in life nothing is free, that somebody somewhere has to pay for everything, then you are a Romney supporter.

Obama must go. Our country cannot withstand another four years of this assault on our institutions and core values.


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  3. You are correct in oh so many ways about the dividing line between that separates the two political realms today. In the media today was an article about the Cp Leatherneck Harrier Jet Squadron Commander and a Sergeant being killed yet no mention of the entire squadrons jets being destroyed; one can only assume that it would not fit the military/political/economic narrative being administered to the American people for the benefit of this president.

  4. Interesting how the media can gin up something against Mr. Romney's comments at a fundraiser while the LA Times is still sitting on video of Obama talking about that terrorist-related fellow...funny, that.

  5. I always hope for truth from politicians and am usually disappointed. It is refreshing to hear Romney state facts.

    What I find amazing is that there are people who believe the course Obama is charting will take us anywhere except over a cliff. The nearly half (I think it closer to 49% than the 47% Romney cites) who are being led to believe they can vote themselves more of the fruit of my labor would need to be stupid to think this is sustainable. At least Romney understands this simple truth.

  6. Yes, indeed we want the truth from politicians. Well, I believe that they are all trying to benefit with their own selves without concerning other people. We must know their actions and media is one of the powerful resources to know the truth behind their secrets.