Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chicago: Images of Our Future

There is a popular movie out called 2016: Obama's America which apparently explores what America would look like after another four years of President Obama. I haven't seen the film, but if the descriptions of its contents are correct, I really don't need to see it: I just need to look at what is happening in Chicago to see what America will be like with another four years of the current Obama disaster.

Chicago, even more than California, is the future that awaits us if Obama gets re-elected and is "successful." We will have a society torn apart by race war, crime, class hatred, and chaos in the streets.

Our number three city is one that is hopelessly corrupt, burdened with a vast and overpaid bureaucracy, saddled with huge taxes, and, of course, gong broke Greece style.  Its inept school teachers, e.g., only about 20% of all students know their three "R's" at the level appropriate for their grade and age, are the highest paid in the nation, and, of course, demand more. Chicago's thuggish Mayor and close Obama associate, Rahm Emmanuel, has his hands full. The Democrats' prime creation, the city's thuggish public sector unions, have turned on their political masters; akin to Frankenstein's monster they have reached the point where they think and feel that they are the masters, e.g., teachers carrying signs reading "Take Back Chicago."

Samuel Gompers, the English-born founder of the modern American labor movement, once famously replied when asked what American workers wanted with one word, "More."  And that was fine in that era when the workers needed some ability to push-back and get a bigger slice of the pie. The labor movement, as we all know, has deteriorated in the past fifty years with the only growth area being the public sector and its "unlimited" bank account. Well, it now turns out the bank account is not unlimited, and the tax payers (about 50% of the population) are starting their own push-back against the steadily escalating demands of the public sector. Chicago is now caught in a huge vise of its own making: the producers of wealth are in a steady flight from the city, and it is being left to the consumers of wealth, i.e., the public sector, the government-dependent "NGOs" and activists, and growing numbers of individuals on the public dole.

Rubens and Goya would have known what sort of portrait to paint of the Chicago Democratic machine in action . . .

Take your pick, the result is the same . . .


  1. Well put, and I have to agree with you. Except for one thing: what if this is all a false flag operation? What if it is all being ginned up so Obama or Emanuel (or both) can step and calm the troubled waters? and then turn to American voters and say "see? You need us in charge." Far-fetched? From the candidate who benefited from the sudden unsealing of Jack Ryan's divorce records?

    1. I can't rule anything out with this WH, but the teachers do appear to be genuinely mad and getting out of control.

  2. Looks like a lot of Anarchists, Occupiers, and other Marxist scum are joining in the protests too.
    So what is Obama to do? If he sides with the Unions he becomes a Union stooge and the RNC/Romney get another talking point about Obama being anti-education anti-child.
    If he sides with Rahm the Unions "may" decide 4 years of Romney is survivable (especially if they keep a filibuster in the Senate) and turn on Obama (making him lose the election) but send the loud and clear message to every Democrat Politician in the Nation to do exactly as the Union says or face defeat.
    If Obama does nothing (especially after getting involved in Trayvon Martin, Proffessor Gates, and other 'local issues') he then looks inept; more Leading from Behind.

  3. KellyJ:

    ". . .he looks inept. . ."(?) He IS inept. Joined at the hip to Valerie Jarrett, who is clueless about everything outside of Chicago politics.

    1. Well, yeah. Just looking at the way he gave all of North Africa to the MB, which will soon become more pawns of Iran, the entire Administration is hopelessly over their head.
      Thr problem is getting the other %50 of the electorate to see that.