Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Self-Evident: Americans Died, Obama Lied

Well, well, well. Didn't take long for the wise men in the White House to begin to throw Susan Rice under the bus--as this little blog predicted would happen.  The Obama administration is gradually, oh so gently so as not to cause offense, using the once almost banned word "terror." Now according to WH spokesman Jim Carney,
"It is, I think, self evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack. . . Our embassy was attacked violently and the result was four deaths of American officials. That is self evident." 
State Department spokesman, Victoria Nuland, told us that the State Department could not determine whether "what happened in Benghazi" was or was not a terror attack, that the administration could say no more about it because the consulate in Benghazi was a crime scene, and the FBI was now in charge. She, of course, could not label the attack a "terrorist" attack because we did not have all the facts. Within hours, of course, Ambassador Susan Rice--who has no known connection to the FBI--launched her Sunday talk-a-thon wherein she hit all five major national news shows to assure us that the Benghazi incident was just the result of some "folks" coming to the consulate and things getting out of hand. Now, however, we are told "it is . . . self evident" that the attack was, in fact, a terrorist attack. The President, however, as with so many other things that are "self evident," did not get the Carney memo. During the only tough interview he has ever gotten (Kudos to Jorge Ramos!) he still could not bring himself to use the dreaded "t" word and kept using the old talking point about the 14 minute video.

A total mess. The Obama misadministration only gets away with all of this because of the mainstream media's abrogation of its fundamental duty: an objective search for the truth. The mainstream media has become the echo chamber of the Obama campaign--it is an extension of the campaign's propaganda arm. 

What is "self evident" is that the people in charge of this government today do not hesitate to lie and then "pivot away" from that lie to a new one as needed. Cynics will claim that this is what our governments always do, and note, for example, Bill Clinton and his escapades. At least in my 34 years at State dealing with the press, the public, NGOs, the Congress, and other governments, not once was I instructed to lie--until, that is, the arrival of this misadministration when, for example, we were told to go forth and lie about U.S. guns to Mexico. Yes, we had tried to spin things to our advantage; there were things we hoped we would not be asked so we didn't volunteer them; there were times when we were wrong; and there were things that were genuinely secret and we could not discuss. We, however, did not make things up; we did not lie. This President and his minions do not hesitate to lie. This is a very troubling development, and the press does not take them to task for it. If it were not for a handful of media outlets, talk radio, and the blogosphere, the Obama "folks" completely would get away with this "Chicago/Alinsky" way of politics. 

What is "self evident" is that this misadministration will say and do anything to keep power.

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  1. Really, they are not lies, they are just different perspectives on the truth.

    But on a serious note, you were instructed to lie about F&F? Wow. Not shocking, but certainly illuminating. What are you thoughts on there being a State signoff? It does appear that it violated at least one treaty and a few international laws. Personally, I think if a few low level 'crats had conceived and executed a fubar of this magnitude that they would be inspecting short arms on the border and their testicles would be hanging on Holder's wall as a warning to others.

    Also,any thoughts on how many fully auto weapons were sold to the Mexican Govt with State approval that are now MIA?