Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Obama and Clinton Make Video for Pakistan; Riots and Deaths Result

It just doesn't get any better--or is it worse?--than this. No right-wing satirist could make this up--not Rush Limbaugh, not Greg Gutfeld, not even the folks at The Onion.

The geniuses that run your State Department decided to combat a video with a video! We all know that some garbled14-minute video produced months ago in southern California so offended the Muslim world that the "folks," to use Ambassador Rice's endearing term, just had to go on a 9/11 rampage of murder and destruction in response. Right? We all know that, right? The video caused it all! So how do we fix it? We make a video of our own! Tell the Muslims we love'em! That, in show biz, is called "high concept."  I can almost hear those advisors say, "Hey Kids! Let's rent the old barn and put on a show! That will bring a smile to their faces."

Well, the geniuses made their little video adverts, and paid 70,000 of your tax dollars to Pakistani TV to run the stuff on seven channels just before "Love the Prophet Day." I am not making this up. Look it up yourself, if you don't believe me . . . go ahead . . . I will wait . . . OK? See?

The result of this brilliant idea is
The ads, featuring President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, were airing on seven networks in Pakistan even as mobs tried to rush the diplomatic enclave in Islamabad housing the U.S. Embassy and other embassies Thursday.
So, in keeping with the logic of our President and Secretary of State, can we say that the riots now underway in Pakistan are the result of the videos made by our President and our Secretary of State? 

We should all demand a stop to insulting videos!  Where is that L.A. County Sheriff when you need him?

Pakistani film critics responding to the video made by President Obama and Secretary Clinton


  1. Hilarious! If it weren't tragic. . .

  2. Well this really gives meaning to rave reviews! Of course it's not fair that this genre of films is widely studied in all madrassa rtf courses.

  3. I'm depressed. Our public face is this obese dowdy doughy hag lacking any scintilla of charm or charisma. Diplomad your right … These clowns have surpassed satire. I cry when I contemplate America’s image among serious foreigners. OT Diplomad retirement has been good for the blog. Your output is great!

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  5. Why can't those two shomoes take a "teaching moment" and explain to the world what the First Amendment is? One would expect an American lawyer like Hillaary Clinton and a Constitutional Law Scholar like Obama to see such a task as the proverbial piece of cake.

    1. That's a good point. If they are going to make a movie use it to explain the first amendment.