Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The DNC: Dog Whistle on "Middle Class First"

I have been struck by the hundreds of pre-printed "Middle Class First" signs on show at the ongoing DNC in Charlotte with nothing similar about the poor, the unemployed, or the foreclosed.

I am hearing a "dog whistle" here.

Given the DNC's openly expressed love for big government, and its dependence on public sector unions, the DNC clearly defines "middle class" as government employees. It is a coded message defending postal workers, teachers, etc. It is a message of "screw the poor," the needy, and, of course, the private sector taxpayer who pays for those "middle class first" jobs.

Just a thought, but I am definitely hearing that whistle . . . pretty loud, too.


  1. One of my many problems - in general - is that I cannot keep up with the ever changing meaning of words commonly used. It is difficult to say what 'middle class' refers to... as soon as I think I know, someone changes the meaning. I used to know poor when I saw it. No one could be poor and fat at the same time. No one could be poor and have two cars, a couple television sets and air conditioning. Half the country must be poor. Isn't that why they need pay no federal income tax?

    I don't mean to deviate from the topic of 'middle class' but only to comment that I believe middle class lies somewhere above the poor class. As soon as I get that bottom rung in sight I might be better able to grasp who these 'middle class' folks are - before definitions change again.

    1. Great points. Much appreciated. Might steal some of them!

  2. I heard the whistle, too. The middle class, whatever it is, is being gutted by entitlements and political greed. Dems have the "poor" convinced they're entitled and protected, hence no need to mention them.

    Here's something else Democrats didn't say during their hatefest:

  3. When a Democrat politician uses the term "middle class" they mean, invariably, union workers. "Good jobs paying living wages", or words to that effect, means union jobs. If they don't find a way to get health care workers unionized they're done for. That is the impetus behind Obamacare.