Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, September 14, 2012

White House Clarifies: President Obama Went to Vegas, Thought it was Egypt

Responding to a potentially embarrassing mix-up revealed by FOX News, White House spokesman Jim Carney told journalists that recent criticism by Republicans over the President's trip to Las Vegas as the Middle East explodes "is unfair and a politicization of the presidential campaign. There should not be this sort of criticism of a sitting US president."  Carney noted that, "President Obama had quite clearly told the pilot of Air Force One that he wanted to go Egypt to see what was happening, to take personal charge, and assure the Muslim Brotherhood that we are allies, and will do everything in our power to find and punish those who made the disgusting video that has so rightly incensed the followers of the Religion of Peace."

Carney, however, noted that despite the President's clear instructions to fly to Egypt, the Air Force pilot got confused and flew the president to Las Vegas, as there is a "pyramid there, too, as well as that half lion, half Michael Jackson thing . . . the Sphinx, I think it is called." The President, Carney noted, has ordered Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to dismiss the pilot and the crew of Air Force One for this "unjustified and unjustifiable mistake." In addition, Attorney General Holder has been asked to investigate any "Republicans, journalists, bloggers, pundits, or Tea Partiers who try to make a political issue out of this at this sensitive time."

Come on, guys, it is hard to tell if it's Vegas or Giza . Give the man a break, he is campaigning in all 57 states, after all.


  1. Damn, I love this blog. cheers, chuck

  2. With a stop in Cairo Illinois on the way back to relive past glory.

  3. Very funny. Probably closer to the truth that we'll ever believe. But he's not campaigning in all 57 states -- only the two with lots of money (NY and CA) that he's sure to carry 60-35 and 6 swing states-- including where I live (NV). Wish he'd stay away. . .

  4. I wish that he would move in with the Muslim Brotherhood (where he belongs).