Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Thought for the Day in the New Sharia States of America

If Nakoula were an illegal alien in Arizona,
Eric Holder would be filing a lawsuit against the Sheriff.


  1. That's rich. And true. God help us all.

    Do you wonder at all how the feds got the LA Sheriff to do their bidding? And now that he's been identified and his house location made public, do you wonder how long he'll live after he's released? And after an attempt is made on his life, will it be Rice, Holder, Obama or Biden who will be the first to talk about the religion of peace.

  2. This is a genuinely outrageous development.

  3. The best solution is to move to a state with easy conceal-carry requirements and a strong Castle Law tradition. Texas sounds nice.

  4. Dip:

    Instapundit is reporting rumors that Obama's State Department is in negotiations with Egypt to transfer the Blind Sheikh to Egyptian custody. Just when you thought Obama could not bow lower. . .

    1. Perhaps we should do a partial trade, a 9th century trade (for a 9th century culture) that would send a clear message that we should not be messed with.
      The part they get is the Sheikh's head and we bury the body with a pig carcass (filmed on You-Tube off course).
      Then we withdrawl all military and monetary aid (give it all to Israel), put teeth into the idiotic no-trade list (that everyone gets a waiver for anyways), and let them eat sand.

  5. Instapundit's link is to Roger Kimball at PJ Media. Go to that site for a really stomach-turning report.

  6. The O's administration (屙 or 儿 for anyone who speaks Hakka) does not think that it is safe for the First Amendment to lie around where people who may criticize its political clients can get hold of it and use it.

  7. Well, I suppose that Nakhoula Nakhoula, as a member of a Middle Eastern minority religion, felt that in the free air of the USA he could let the world know what he really thought about Islamic "tolerance". If he weren't a convicted fraudster violating his parole, I'd actually feel very indignant about this arrest and call for Holder's impeachment and the investigation of several denizens of the judicial bench.