Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, September 7, 2012

DNC . . . OMG!

"Train" and "Wreck."  Those words kept running though my head as I watched the DNC come to an end.  In my view, this was the worst DNC since 1968, and in some ways even worse. In 1968, the DNC in Chicago ran afoul of many events outside its immediate control--e.g., the violent crazies in the street--and a skeptical press fed up with the Vietnam war. This time, they had no such excuses. They had a fawning press, a tightly scripted event, and, of course, the Greatest President and Most Wonderful and Amazing Human Being and Demigod in the History of Everything, Ever! All to no avail. The DNC train still went off the rails.

I had expected Obama's speech to be another exercise in what I call "Chinese Food Speechmaking," sounds good while you listen, but twenty minutes later you can't remember what was said. This thing, however, didn't even sound good. It was rancid. It was downright embarrassing, and you (almost) had to feel sorry for the Prez as he recited his nonsense: a vapid collection of non sequiturs, fake personal reminisces, and empty promises piled upon years of previous empty promises. The only encouraging thing I heard was that he had a "vision" of America with new industrial plants dotting the countryside--I took that to mean that the EPA would be disbanded and that he would no longer kow-tow to the Greenies . . . nah, more fantasy. He had no plan as to how he was going to do all the fabulous things that he said he would do, and why he would be more successful in the next four years than in the past four years. I have a vision, too: I see an America where everybody gets a free puppy from the government, and gets a free ride to work on a unicorn. I have no plan on how to do that, but, hey, I can dream the dreams of my father, right?

The other speakers save one, were also disastrous. Former Michigan Governor Granholm (Canada's worst export to the USA since Howie Mandel) was, no other way to put it, insane. What was she doing?  She reminded me of the "Luck of the Irish" meltdown scene by the late John Belushi on SNL's "Weekend Update." Her performance was beyond parody. The others were a succession of folks promising or asking for "free stuff"and reciting the nonsense about the Democrats concern for the "middle class," i.e., public sector workers. There was no humor, no optimism, nothing ennobling or inspiring. I thought Michelle Obama's speech, well-delivered and obviously much-practiced, was maudlin, vapid, and much of it untruthful, e.g., her description of how and where the President grew up. The only decent speech, although much of it was untruthful, was from President Clinton, who still showed that he knows how to hypnotize a crowd and make himself the center of attention.  One would have thought he was running for President.

Then, of course, the Dems got themselves into a public spat over God and Jerusalem . . . another event beyond parody, and one that revealed, as I have discussed before, the true nature of today's Democratic party.

In 1968, the crazies were in the streets; in 2012, they were on stage.

Romney for President.


  1. I figured out this was going off the rails a month ago.

    So, for your use, here is the poster for the 2012 DNC convention.

    Get it while supplies last! It will be a collectors item. :D

  2. Dip:

    Some MSM opinion writers have reached the same conclusion as you: last night's convention show was second-rate, with a lot of untruthful figures. And today the labor statistics came out: unemployment is down even though the number of people entering the labor force is below simple replacement level. Clearly that signals that ever more people have stopped looking for work. That has to be Obama's dream: zero unemployment when everyone stops looking for a job and goes on disability.

    In 1997 I retired from the FS to a farm in rural Ohio. Appalachian Ohio. Readers who have not visited southeastern Ohio probably think hillbillies are confined to West Virginia and Kentucky. Wrong.

    Obama's message of HOPE resonated with many of my neighbors: "I hope I win the lottery" and "I hope my kids can get on disability too" were common themes. And they voted (if at all) overwhelmingly for Obama.

    I ran for office twice, lost both times, and ultimately relocated to Nevada where I live now.

    Romney needs to win both Ohio and Nevada (and a few other states) to get the electoral vote to put him in office. Unless he does something to improve his numbers big time this will not happen. As an embassy poll watcher in Kenya in 1994 I saw better ballot integrity than we see in southern Nevada (thank you, Harry Reid) and Ohio is still in the grip of unions and government dole.

    I despair for America when I watch things like last night's convention or think about American voters. Shouldn't it be a conflict of interest to receive government transfers and still be able to vote?


  3. I have always felt Bill Clinton despises Obama, mainly calling Hillary a racist and welching on the agreement to pay Hillary's $10 million campaign debt. I just wonder if Bill's stemwinder speech was made knowing the "Great Orator" in no way could match it.

    He simply upstaged Obama. And he didn't do it in a way he could be accused of hurting the party. Hope he gets his $10 million before the truth sinks in.

  4. What's with the homage to the smooth-talking Liar-in-Chief Clinton? His legacy as a statesman was not earned, only salvaged by a Republican Congress and Berger who stuffed his pants with a 9-11 archive codpiece.

  5. I, for one, fear that Romney will run a dainty tea-time-with-the-pinkie-stuck-out campaign that will make McCain's look vigorous--and we'll be stuck with Mr. Can't-say-a-word-without-a-teleprompter-and-flies-to-flinders-at-anything-other-than-gaga-adulation for another four years. I think F has a very sober assessment of the situation.

    Maybe the electorate will wake up and realize that too many have given up on looking for work, that our national debt has ballooned, and that we're in hock to a hostile power called the P.R.of Tubaluvia (土八路人民共和国in its own language), and we'll be able to rid ourselves of the O. They may even recognize that the Republic Veep hopeful has actually studied our budget problems. But, speaking as another form FSO and now a professional swindler of the young--oops, public high school teacher in a major urban area--I fear that this will not happen.

  6. How about your opinion of the likelihood of a war with Iran if Romney is elected President. Now that would be interesting.

  7. Atlas shrugged, saying meh.

  8. The entire voting for God and Israel thing was cringe-worthy...even for a Conservative Republican (Conservative first). Who are the morons running the show. First to leave those issue out just hands the R&R team a free talking point. But then to try a PUBLIC change, especially since you already had the vote pre-ordained (as proven by the teleprompter already having the "Ayes have it" pre-loaded. Where were the whips to let the delegate leaders know it was a show vote anyays and if you either vote Aye or keep your mouth shut? Then have an amatuer like Tony Villar presiding over this public spectacle. He knew darn well the No's had it but was clueless on what to do. After vote number 2 he was about to declare for the No's (body language and his stammer were HUGE tells) until whoever that Party Elite was came up and told him to just pass it (live mike moron).
    So you've now turned an esoteric talking point that only the punditry would dig up into a major political win for the opponents (it took Allen West less than 12 hours to get a commercial out showing the Dems deny God 3 times).
    Now when we call the DNC a bunch of Godless Communists we have their own vote as proof.
    The rest of the lineup and speaking points were just as bad. Fear and hate only serve to get your own base revved up...and if that was the purpose of your convention...2 months before the have already lost.