Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The DNC: So Far, Pretty Depressing

OK, I am not impartial. I have made known for a long time that I will not vote for President Obama. Still, I can admire a good move or an inspiring speech by a political opponent. I, for example, have a fondness for President Clinton; I admire his speaking ability, political adroitness, and ability to outmaneuver opponents. He is a brilliant example of a great American politician. I thought President Obama made the right call on killing Osama, and I think in the long-run his administration might inadvertently have done the right thing with the space program, i.e., getting the increasingly bureaucratic and sclerotic NASA out of the way and leaving more room for private firms.

Watching, however, the Democratic National Convention (DNC), hearing the echo-chamber media react to it (including many on Fox), and reading the Democratic platform, has proven a soul crushing experience.  The DNC performance is not one I ever would have expected from a major American political party. It seems more akin to something from a minor radical fringe 1930s socialist party convention. I am extremely depressed that modern American politicians from the world's oldest political party would say the things that are being said in Charlotte. All of them, all of them, including the much ballyhooed and admittedly charming Mayor Castro, see America and our history as the history of government. God has been excommunicated from the Democratic platform and firmly replaced by worship of Government and of the Prophet Obama.

The much expressed view that the government created the economy, and that "government is the only thing we all belong to," is so mind-numbingly wrong and perverse that it leaves me almost speechless.  There is no acknowledgement that government has made the economic mess we now face; there is no recognition, quite the contrary, that perhaps more government is not what we need to get out of a mess made by government.  We hear nothing about the government policies that created the mortgage meltdown, that encouraged outsourcing, that undermined the education system, that produced a $16 trillion debt, that led to nearly 24 million under-or unemployed Americans, that keep our energy supply dependent on hostile foreign regimes. Everything depends on government: the poor, the middle class, the climate, everything. We are all wards of the state. The government knows what is best for all of us. If we have any problems, government will solve them for us. There is no room for private initiative or charity. The government giveth and . . .  well, you know the rest of the phrase--the part that is not being expressed at the DNC.

This DNC is even worse than I had expected. It is a convention that shows no shame, no remorse, for what the belief in government has done to our country.

I will try to write more about this depressing spectacle as my disgust will allow.


  1. shows no shame typo last line

  2. Replies
    1. I agree with your assessment of the DNC. I saw some of Rahm's speech and he seemed to be thanking all the different unions around. It definitely sounded like some sort of 30's socialist party conference. On the bright side, it seems the Dems have no interest in appealing to independents, choosing instead to rally the base.

  3. So, Rahm Immanuel rallies the troops? I understand he wants millions for bike lanes in Chicago streets while the Teachers' Union gets ready to go on strike.

    As for government and unions, I agree that police protection, reasonably fair courts, infrasturcture, and such are necessary for a healthy economy. I also accept that when one has received much, much is expected from him. However, the Dems don't seem to ask why, when all of us use the highways and benefit from police protection, it's only a few Steve Jobs who break away from the pack.

    A certain amount of government is needed. The Republicans need to talk about that. However, I cannot trust a man who was formed by a host of Communist and Black radical thinkers; who cannot sympathize with the entrepreneurial spirit; and how kowtows to radical Islam at every turn.

  4. And just who is the brainchild that put this thing together? Not just the fiasco with the Stadium (and now that they moved the venue to the convention hall it's too late to set up a ballon drop) but the timing of the Speakers.
    Michelle Obama's speech is supposed to be the one that humanizes the candidate. So what did they do...put her on Day 1. So now on Day 2 we have Bill Clinton subbing for Biden. At least they were smart enough to keep him off a live-mike in PrimeTime, but it will be interesting to see if we have Bill Clinton supporter of the DNC or Bill Clinton setting up Hillary for a run in 2016. This blows Michelle's speach off the page so by the time POTUS Obama takes the stage we have forgotten about Barak the husband/father/man and are looking at Barak the Politician.

  5. Question: if obama loses in November, will the dems renominate him in 2016? What's your take, sir? cheers, chuck

    1. No. They have had their exotic candidate.

    2. Hillary is next. The DNC bench was shown to be non-existent at this convention. Lots of ideologues but no junior politicians making an impression (like Obama did at the 04-DNC).