Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Canada, Again . . .

The Old Diplomad would be spinning in his grave, were he in one, but I am going to have to post another positive comment about Canada.

I join with Legal Insurrection in retracting previous Canada jokes: I will no longer say "Canada is Kansas ruled by Massachusetts," nor giggle when Canadian friends tell me their version of the War of 1812.  I will no longer say that CIA stands for "Canadians Infiltrating America" . . . . I will do Legal Insurrection one better: I call for a complete ban on Canada jokes for one month, OK, two months. I proclaim the United States free of the curse of Canadaphobia!

As I noted in a previous post, our neighbors to the north already have shown us up on how to run an economy, they've elected a much better government than we have, and now they are giving us lessons on how to be superpower overseas. PM Harper has proven himself a man of his word and a gutsy dude. It's not easy for Canada, traditionally a bit retiring and self-efacing in international fora (except for writing checks or cheques, as you wish) to stand up and take a politically incorrect stance. The Canadians, however, prevented the G-8 from saying something stupid and destructive about Israel in the final statement. The Israelis are quite elated. Israeli FM Lieberman has thanked Canada in terms once reserved for the USA,
Canada is a true friend of Israel and with a realistic and proper view of things, it understands that the 1967 borders do not conform to Israel's security needs and with the current demographic reality. 
Canada did the right thing. Canada acted as a defender of freedom should. Canada did what we should have done.

Guess I'll crack open a Molson, and put up my "Harper for President" bumper sticker next to my "Netanyahu for President" sticker. Was either born in Hawaii?


  1. After the 2004 election, the running joke was about American liberals fleeing to Canada and demanding asylum. These days, it's looking like a good last refuge for American conservatives. (In spite of the Commie health system. ;-) )

  2. Harper makes me proud to be a North American.

    Yes, I will refrain from Canadian jokes for a month.

  3. I'll do one better: Let's call for a public bicentennial (in 2015) of the long-running peace along the US-Canadian border.