Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Obama and Israel: Why do this to a Friend?

Obama sandbagged Netanyahu in a way I have never seen done with an enemy much less with a friend. The day before he is going to have a meeting with the chief of government of one of our closest allies, Israel, Obama announces he supports the mortal enemies of that ally. We do not handle the Russians or the Chinese that way, nor should we.

If you think a meeting at the White house is important, you don't ambush, embarrass, or demean your guest the day before. You especially do not do it with somebody such as Benjamin Netanyahu. It would be tough to find anywhere a person, much less a politician, more pro-American than Netanyahu. I used to deal with him at the UN when he was the Israeli Permanent Representative. You could always count on him to back the USA.  He knew our politics, history, culture, and was educated in the US; I never met a bigger fan of the United States. He genuinely loves the United States. He was a visionary on the path that the war on terror would take, and had excellent advice for the US.  His brother Yonathan, of course, was the leader of the brilliant 1976 Israeli operation at Entebbe, and was the only Israeli commando killed in that operation.

Let's not get delicate about this.  Obama, in essence, has announced support for the annihilation of Israel.  The 1967 borders are an invitation to attack.  At one point on the map in that scheme, Israel is barely nine miles wide. The suggestion that the Israelis should place themselves in this jeopardy with nothing tangible in return is an outrageous stunt by an incredibly stupid and anti-American President. It is a sad day when we treat a friend in this manner. It is even a sadder day when it becomes obvious that a foreign leader loves and appreciates the United States more than does our own President.

Let's hope that Congress gives Prime Minister Netanyahu a different message.


  1. Well said. When I realized what Obama had done (made the '67 line the starting point for negotiations, giving the Palis what they want for nothing in return), my jaw dropped. I can't decide if this was born of his callowness or his far left ideology, but, regardless, it was appalling. Sometimes I think the Israelis are the only people in the world looking forward to 2012 more than we.

  2. I have to concur. I am a State Dept trained Arabist at the FSI in Beirut who was a Political Officer in Saudi Arabia & Beirut. I also was friends with Rashid Khalidi while he taught at U. of Chicago & I was an Entry Strategy Exec at Amoco in downtown Chicago. Rashid is a fine human being personally, but must have put BHO up to this pre-'67 War nonsense, as the US has given a dozen guarantees to Israel since then that we support Israel's right to "des territoires," the charmingly vague term set in UNSC 242, acquired in the '67 War.

    Obungler would effectively nullify the Camp David Accords worked out by notorious anti-Semite Jimmy Carter, and Barry Soetero's ineptitude rivals Carter in the absence of thought to consequences Barry Obungler has put forward. I for one believe that political hack Donilon & Samantha Powers might have pulled an end run around Hillary on this one. If not, Hillary should have put her foot down and shame on her for not doing so.

  3. "In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock".

    An accurate summation of the politics of Obumbler and Netanyahu.

    With Obumbler you have a stylist, with Netanyahu a man of character, experience and education.

    Jefferson had some pertinent thoughts about how the population should treat an incompetent government too. I look forward to that being enacted.

  4. This is not the first time the US has thrown an ally under the bus. We did it with Taiwan in the 1970's--and, in return, we now have 40% of our out-of-control national debt held by a hostile power (Mainland China--and I read both traditional and simplified orthographies) by way of poetic justice.

    Personally, I'm of the mind that the 'Bama came up with this out of his core beliefs and principles. This is a man who had the out-and-out Communists Davis and Ayres as mentors, who joined a church presided over by a pastor who saw the Jews as "colonial white" oppressors of the Falastin Arabs and who admired Farrakhan,as well as a politician who had a self-professed admirer of Mao Zedong for his campaign manager. While we're at it, let's not forget Troofer Van Jones as proposed Green Jobs Czar, and a wife who was ashamed of the country that made her a very rich woman until it voted for her husband.

    The 'Bama is a radical in power, and his indecisiveness is the combined product of working Constitutional limits on presidential power and, perhaps, a belated realization that things are a lot more complicated than he originally thought.

    But, on Israel, I strongly suspect that the 'Bama is one who'd really like to see Israel extinguished.

    Nobama '012

  5. Well we should have expected it. Look at how he "dissed" the Supremes during his recent SOTU speech. He's an idiotic bully who can't help rattling off fantasy wishes popping out of his callow mind. No one should be surprised, anymore. Except, of course, elitists who still blindly consider him a "genius". No amount of evidence will ever change their thinking on that subject. They look forward to the soylent green rations.