Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is There Nothing This Administration Cannot Screw Up?

The big victory over al Qaeda and the Islamonutters is being squandered bit by bit.

The USA had a big win with the elimination of Osama in his "man-cave" in Pakistan. For once in his two-plus miserable years as President, Obama looked almost presidential; he, for once, had made a tough decision well.  The political risk to Obama in ordering a helicopter assault on Osama's gilded cage in Abbottabad should not be minimized. Visions of "Blackhawk Down,"and "Desert One" must have been vivid in his mind. The decision to make it a "man-on-man" hit was the right one, and Obama, apparently, rightly rejected the B-2 with PGMs option. He, rightly it seems, argued against that, noting that such a strike would always leave room for doubt as to whether we had nailed Osama.  We needed U.S. eyes, hands, and bullets on the creep.  That's what we got in a brilliantly executed SEAL operation.

Almost all that is now being squandered by a most amazingly disorganized, inept, and idiotic official handling of the aftermath to the raid.  First, Obama's statement announcing the event was way too long, and all about Obama. It sounded like what it was: a 2012 campaign video clip. Worse, however, has been the death by a thousand cuts of the narrative of the raid.  It seems that about dozen different senior administration officials have been talking to the press, giving about a dozen different versions of the details.  Why is that allowed? Is there no discipline? Is there no agreed upon script? Osama hid behind his wife, except when he didn't.  Osama resisted with a firearm, except that he didn't have one. Pakistan cooperated fully, except when it didn't. The rushed burial at sea, why?  We didn't do that with the Saddam boys, and there was no Muslim rebellion.  Is there or is there not an agreement to release the photos? We put the pictures out on the Saddam kinder--oh, and, of course, the photos from Abu Gharib, those were no problem. And on and on . . . If you don't have a unified script, "SHUT UP!"

These are, you might rightly argue, minor points.  They, however, are precisely the ones that feed the "deather" conspiracy already in full bloom, and not just in Muslim countries. Go on the comment sections of almost any major media outlets, especially European ones, and you will see what I mean. And now, just what we needed, smelling blood, ultra-lefty UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay (another loopy South African judge, just like the discredited Goldstone) is demanding that the US provide the UN the details of the raid, presumably to make sure Osama's rights were not violated.

When will this curse end?


  1. Are you the original DiploMad?

    That was the best blog ever! The coverage of the Indonesian tsunami rescue efforts by the US and Aussies was simply outstanding, as was exposing the ineptness and self serving activities of the UN. Your reports of the 5 week wait for the UN to hold a conference in Jakarta at a 5 Star hotel, while Americans and Australians were doing the grunt work, were priceless.

    You disappeared about the time of the Russian invasion of Georgia. I checked almost monthly to see of DiploMad was still posting but got only messages the site had been closed.

    Anyway, I hope you are you. Good luck and welcome back.

  2. Totally agree with you. Too many infants and not enough adults in that administration.

    Have we reached a stage in the development of our country's culture where personal social media constructs are more important than statesmanship and principles? God help us if that's true.

  3. This is a joke...right?