Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

Many years ago, and for many years, I would travel to Morocco to visit uncles, cousins, and my paternal grandmother. Some lived in Tangiers;...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday Night Rant: Obama, Palestine, and Jews . . .

Obama must lose the 2012 election.  The future of our nation and the future of freedom in the world demand it. If the Republicans cannot defeat this evil, stupid, destructive empty suit of a President, they might as well fold their flag, shoot the elephant, call it quits, and see if we can all emigrate to Australia, the last hope for freedom's survival.

This President has done tremendous damage to our economy, damage that will take years to fix, and to our standing around the world, yet another item that will take years and blood to fix. He makes Jimmy Carter look like the rock of Gibraltar. He has betrayed, insulted, demoralized, and undermined our key allies and friends, most specifically but not limited to Colombia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Egypt, Central America, Chile, and now Israel, and emboldened our enemies all around the world. He has gotten us into a pointless war in Libya; has no interest in defending our southern border; has kowtowed to evil regimes such as the ones in Cuba and Venezuela; and seems determined to kiss up to the most hideous of the Islamists.  If this President is not an anti-American, he is certainly good at playing one on the global stage. He must be defeated.

His speech yesterday on "Palestine" is stunning for its arrogance, sheer stupidity, and destructiveness.  Who are his advisors on this? Nobody seems to know. Hillary Clinton is a make-believe Secretary of State, completely out of the loop. Does CAIR write this stuff for him? Bill Ayres? Farrakhan? Rev. Wright? Chomsky? Hamas? Who? How could an American President be so ignorant, and not have any advisor to tell him so, about the Middle East? Does he really think that the problem in the Middle East is that the "Palestinians" do not have a state? Would the creation of yet one more corrupt, chaotic Arab country bring peace?

Some questions. Where is Palestine? It does not exist except when convenient for despotic Arab states to pretend it does. Isn't it funny how "Palestine" always seems to correspond with the exact places where Jews live or have control in the Middle East? "Palestine" seems always--surprise!--defined as the country of Israel, the only place the "Palestinians" could live. When the Arab states invaded Israel in 1948, they did it to destroy the Jews and occupy the land assigned them by the UN.  Jordan never set up a Palestinian state; neither did Egypt.  Before 1967, the West Bank was just a part of Jordan.  I never heard anybody refer to the West Bank back then as "occupied Palestine" or the people living there as anything other than Jordanians--except for those Arabs forced to live in "refugee" camps by the Jordanians and Egyptians. Why is Jordan not considered "Palestine?" Why is the concept of "Palestine"more valid than that of Judea?  Now there are some borders . . .


This brings me to the most important issue. We all know how smart Jews are supposed to be.  More Nobel prizes than anybody else; more great scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, philosophers, writers, doctors, lawyers, comedians, actors, and on and on and on. OK, got it: they are really, really smart. Why then are they such idiots when it comes to voting in the US? Will they ever stop voting for FDR? The man, who, by the way, did not like Jews, and did not want them to immigrate to the US even when that would have saved many of them from the Nazis. They keep voting for idiots like Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, two avowed enemies of the Jewish people.  Why won't they recognize that Nixon, Reagan, and George W. Bush are among the greatest friends Israel has ever had?  Why the support for Obama? Stop doing that! He is not your friend!

I am getting really tried of this President.


  1. Yes! You know in one of those books that Bill Ayers wrote for him he states that he would always stand with Islam over the US. We really shouldn't be surprised. I hope you will call your elected reps. Netanyahu is supposed to speak before Congress today so please do call and let your reps know that Barry doesn't speak for you. I'm also considering calling the White House switchboard to let them know that this stance is unacceptable since Barry does try to govern by polls, etc.

  2. "Why then are [Jews] such idiots when it comes to voting in the US?"

    For the same reason so few Jewish Communists and fellow travelers abandoned Communism after the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact: They need to believe, and that need overrides reason. But I realize that my answer isn't really an answer, because it doesn't explain why they believe in the first place. I'm Jewish (race, not religion), I've known such people my whole life -- I'm related to some -- and I've never understood them. Someone told me that the sentiment among older Jews of her acquaintance is this: Obama's been a terrible disappointment, and we need to give him another chance. How to argue with such illogic? If you figure it out, please let me know.

  3. "Who are his advisors on this?"

    Imam Rauf, of Mosque at WTC fame, laid claim to writing the important bits of Obama's Cairo speech:

    “The speech was wonderful and wise in his choice of words, the Prime Minister of Malaysia after the speech disclosed to me that it is now easy for any president of a Muslim country to establish good relations with America, and I AM NOT GOING TO HIDE FROM YOU THAT ONE OF THOSE WHO PARTICIPATED IN WRITING THE SPEECH, TRANSFERRED ENTIRE PARTS OF MY BOOK ‘A NEW VISION FOR MUSLIMS AND THE WEST’, which he referred to U.S. interests being compatible with top interests of the Muslim world”.

  4. My feelings exactly, Diplomad.

    But, speaking as a professional swindler--oops, public high school social studies teacher--I can only see that our educational institutions, which have charge of our young for six hours daily, five days per week, are steeped in Leftist misinformation. Some of us who know a little more about the world can engage in a little subversion here and there, but we're still responsible to teach a history curriculum geared towards the accomplishments of minorities and wymnyn, and a government curriculum geared toward teaching that an iron triangle of organized interest group, Congressional bloc, and executive branch agency is a tool of "policy making" rather than a means of bilking the public and undercutting the liberties of citizens.

  5. With fannies high, Obama's marching minions
    Go prancing down America's main drags!
    It's time to pack up all your un-PeeCee opinions,
    Whether in speech, on airwaves or in mags!
    (repeat last 2 lines)

    The media, subsurvient and gaga,
    Care not that Geitner cheats the IRS.
    Of cunning pol's tale they have made a sacred saga,
    "Messiah's come!" They loudly doth profess!
    (repeat last 2 lines)

    Swept into power by wave of pacifism
    He now will bomb the shores of Tripoli,
    Without the benefit of apocalypticism,
    Or any US interest I can see.
    (repeat last 2 lines)

    This is to be sung to the tune of the Horstwessellied, to show what I think of the 'Bama we elected in 2008.

  6. Another reason, which Pamela Geller wrote about in "The Post-American Presidency", is Samantha Power. She is notoriously anti-Israel and anti-Semetic, AND she is the main architect behind the war in Libya. She advises Obama on foreign policy.

    This is addition to all the other pro-Islam, anti-Israel people in his administration.