Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Canada, eh? Eh!

Back when I was just the Diplomad, in the days before Diplomad 2.0, I vented a lot about Canada. I referred to our neighbor to the North as a "snow-bound, Sharia-besotted Botswana," and as the most "feminized country on earth," and made fun of their version of US-Canada history, especially their telling of the War of 1812--oh, please!! I never liked Trudeau or what he represented, and while average Canadians seemed quite nice and decent folks, many of their politicians were something else.

I also referred to Canada as "Kansas ruled by Massachusetts." Too harsh? Yeah, maybe, as I don't know of any Canadian politician who has left his young female aide to drown in a pond, while he swam away. I also expressed regret at the passing of the Red Ensign, and its replacement by a washed out, semi-pink, post-heroic Maple Leaf. A leaf?  Really? You couldn't have picked something a little more, I don't know, macho? A polar bear? An arctic wolf? An angry otter? Or at least Pamela Anderson?

On the positive side of the ledger, I, however, did express boundless admiration for the Canadians who stormed the beaches at Dieppe and Normandy, and who took some of the highest per capita losses of any nation in either World War. I also grew up admiring Lorne Greene and William Shatner, two Canadian kosher exports to the USA who became iconic figures in American culture--along with Howie Mandel, that is.  They, however, could have kept Richard Dreyfuss.

OK, I am here, not to apologize exactly, but to say that maybe, maybe there was more to Canada than the young(er) Diplomad was willing to admit.  Certainly their last elections seem to indicate there is something going on in Canada that we would do well to examine and perhaps emulate (not that health care system though; that's not for us, nor are their insane "hate speech" laws).  They had some tough campaigning, lots of pundits calling it all wrong, and a very decent result.  Stephen Harper, whom I met some years ago very briefly, won, fair and square, a pretty amazing victory for a parliamentary system.  He's got a clear cut majority government, and many of the loony types went down in flames: the odious and divisive BQ among them.  Harper is not a fancy talker, but he does speak clearly and he did a very good job of laying out a relatively conservative choice for Canadians--and they took it.  Well, a big chunk of them did, Canada, after all, has its versions of Manhattan, Boston, and San Francisco, places that never seem to give up on lefty politics regardless of the facts on the ground.

Perhaps even more impressive than this election is how Canada has weathered the economic storm. They are doing a lot better than we are. They took some tough decisions years ago to get their finances in order, and they did it. Admittedly they have the advantage of being able to export lots of high-priced raw materials to the folks in the USA, but still, they did not spend the money on craziness, they got their deficits down, and their dollar has strengthened.  So much so, that I find myself in competition with Canadian buyers for a retirement home in the western USA.  In addition, Las Vegas is counting on Celine Dion to restore prosperity to Sin City.

One more thing. Let's not forget the sacrifices Canadians are making in Afghanistan; almost 160 Canadians have died in the fighting there.

Anyhow, let's take a respectful look at what the other North Americans are up to. We might have something to learn from them . . but I still don't like Justin Bieber . . .


  1. I don't know if you're getting soft or they're mellowing out. Maybe a little of both. They do make great neighbors, though. Have to give them that. None of this wild partying late at night or parking six cars on their lawn type of thing with them.

    They have strange politicians, too. Fellow named Monte Solberg used to be an MP from Medicine Hat, of all places, and ran the most interesting blog. Served in Harper's national cabinet for awhile and then retired but forgot to line his pockets while in office. Utter failure by US standards.

  2. They are also our number one provider, at a price of course, of imported crude. Very few people realize this.

  3. I appreciate your kind words about Canada, but the leftists here are as deeply burrowed as tapeworms in a satrap. They play dirty, they manipulate the news, do not do their jobs in government from motives of incompetence or financial self interest, and slander those that are unwise enough to opine anything but Trotsky/Trudeau. We need things done in this country right now but our hands are tied by the legions of ability challenged activists. Our economy will suffer, and the proletariat is being pushed towards the red shirts, even as it begins to admire the jackboots in the closet. No joke, Diplomad.

    What is the Black Swan? Yes, the economy will grow its way out of the Tammany Hall faction that eats pork in Washington, but foreign powers have been cut loose from certain alliances and look to their own national advantage.

    I hope Canada gets through this interesting time, but I am surrounded by empty headed youth whose embrace of nature religion does not understand the role of Gaia in three wars in Heaven; nor the dictates of Thor the guardian of windmills as far as what his hammer was really used for. I can only shrug and plot.

    Which is to say: it is all very well to be aware of the problem, but what ever shall we do about it?

  4. As a rightest mole within the Canadian federal buraucracy, I am more hopeful for Canada now than I've been for years, mostly because Harper fashioned a majority through an alliance between Ontario and the Western provinces, all without Quebec. That fact more than any other may be his singular achievement,a nd the greatest boon for our nation.

    Harper is also positioned to restore sanity to the Supreme Court of Canada by probably replacing 6 of 9 justices (2 from Quebec), from which the future Chief Justice will likely be chosen.

    Anticipated cuts to the public (i.e., civil) service may also restore some balance to the permanent government as the Boomer Bulge begins to retire (though they will continue sucking the public teat through their pensions, bien sur).

    Harper thinks long-term, and understands the importance of reforming the substantive levers of power. Now if he can just eliminate the idiotic gun control and "hate crime" mechanisms, things will definitely be looking up...assuming Barry doesn't drag us down with the U.S. as he wrecks the American economy.

  5. Noted is passing that Google did not restore my original comment to this post. It was up before the Great Blogger Wall came tumbling down, but was one of those that disappeared.

    Contrary to their announcements, it was one of ka-zillions, likely, that are lost forever in deep space. Not important but interesting.

    Noted, too, that Google's attitude in all this left lots to be desired customer-service-wise. Suspect there will be some migration, now. Delete or edit this, please, I was merely communicating.

  6. BTW, has anyone noticed that in 2015--four short years away--the USA and Canada will have enjoyed two centuries of a peaceful border? That's a rather good track record for this sorry world.
    Does anyone on either side of the border have plans to mark and celebrate the event?

  7. Good thoughts, we are casting off the cloak of stupidity that was the liberal party and their policies. We do need to reflect on the fact that our two countries went from bitter wars to trade and then friendship. We have a long border with little requirement for defenses. There are lessons to be learned for the rest of the world. interesting my dad as part of the RCAF was stationed in Alaska during the war, one of the few cases of non-US forces protecting US soil. I have some complaints about the US, most about the State department and your nutbar import/export rules including ITAR.