Good or Bad for the Jews

"Good or Bad for the Jews"

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Last Comment on Netanyahu and Obama . . . Maybe

You just have to wonder.

Obama goes off to hang out in a pub in Ireland, making lame, self-centered jokes about--who else?--O'Bama, and he leaves a political mastermind like Netanyahu in DC.  Who are O'Bama's press people? Is he so arrogant that he thought that somehow, he would still get the headlines when a powerful speaker and real thinker like Bibi goes before Congress?

If the Republicans can't beat The One in 2012 . . .


  1. I said this about Obama's speech and the press conference with Netanyahu:

    "Also, giving it immediately before Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington was a political mistake. I imagine he expected Netanyahu to be in the smae sort of box he put the Supreme Court Judges and Boehner in earlier, where Netanyahu would have to be polite during the lecture for appearances sake. Instead he ended up ceding the ground to Netanyahu, who turned tables on Obama by lecturing him during the press conference and strongly laying out Israel's position in the process."

    The speech Netanyahu gave to the joint session of Congress was a further demolishing of Obama.

    Along with having having the historical knowledge of a college sophomore hopped up on Howard Zinn, our Dear Leader just doesn't have very good political instincts. He probably thought he was dismissing Netanyahu when he left for Europe, but all he really did is cede the bully pulpit to Netanyahu.

  2. Has there been any other president in the last 120 years who sucks at protocol and good manners more than Teh Wan? Certainly not since Eisenhower, if the Queen of England is to be considered I would think.

  3. That's becaus eObama didn't want to get taken too school again by BIbi like he did during his one-on-one the other day. Damn, it looks like even Obama's got nothing on Beiber let alone Bibi!! lol

  4. re: "If the Republicans can't beat The One in 2012 . . . "

    It's now December 14, 2012 and as you know the Republicans (Romney) did not beat Obama in the election. Bastards. I'm starting to think that the GOP is bought and paid for, just like the Media. When the CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, says: China's Communist Government "Works" then you know there is a big problem. GE = NBC, etc.

    Last but not least, a small speech from Obama: